The river, the castle and the multicolor medieval district gives this town of Sardinia’s northwest coast a picturesque atmosphere. Its sandy beaches, volcanic rocks and chalk caves will amaze water lovers with unforgettable surroundings. This particular environment allows the tourist to practice many different types of sports (canoeing, bird-watching, diving, fishing and hiking among others) in a breathtaking landscape with its wild promontories. Its position is strategic if you are interested in cultural, archaeological or naturalistic excursions. Bosa is the perfect location to appreciate Sardinian culture and beauty.



Malaspina castle

Sa Costa medieval district

San Pietro Extra Muros Church

Excursions nearby

La città di Alghero ed i suoi bastioni

Bosa Capo Caccia e le Grotte di Nettuno

Capo Caccia e Grotte di Nettuno cave complex

Bosa Cabras e Tharros

Cabras and Tharros

bosa Complesso archeologico di Tamuli, Macomer

Tamuli archaeological site, Macomer

Bosa Pozzo Santa Cristina

Pozzo di Santa Cristina well temple, Paulilatino

Bosa Complesso archeologico di Su Romanzesu, Bitti

Su Romanzesu archaeological site, Bitti

Oristano’s beaches

Bosa Archittu

S’Archittu (A rock arch dominates the creek; the limestone cliff gives the site a lunar appearance)

Bosa Is Arenas - Arutas

Is Arenas (6km of dunes in some parts are super white)

Bosa Sa Mesa Longa

Sa Mesa Longa (Long variegated and multicolored beach protected by the mistral waves by a natural sandstone barrier)

Bosa Is Arutas

Is Arutas (turquoise sea and grains like rice grains of very fine quartz)

Main Events

Bosa Karrasegare Osinku

Karrasegare Osinku: the carnival (from the 16th of January to Shrove Tuesday) >

Bosa Santa Maria del Mare

Santa Maria del Mare
(1st Sunday of August)

Bosa Sagra di Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos

Sagra di Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos
(2nd week of September)